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Food, diets and but again (free) food …

Now that summer is approaching, you can see that Google is increasingly looking for the ultimate diet to quickly lose a few kilos. It’s a pity that a diet is only so temporary. Just think about it, just take off a few kilos, in the summer they will come back, with a few more. Then, in September, they start a new diet in good spirits. Unfortunately the peppercorns and chocolate letters come and we fall back… And then in January again… Does that sound familiar to you?

Are you tired of falling back into new diets over and over again but you don’t know how to change your diet permanently?

Then come to the Healthy Lifestyle workshop!

This workshop is full of simple, honest and achievable tips to lose weight or stay on weight with a healthy lifestyle, which is good for you!

Why you definitely want to participate in the Lifestyle Workshop on June 10…

  • Because you want to lose weight in a healthy and responsible way.
  • Because you want control over what you eat, take your binge!
  • Because you want to feel fit and grow old healthy.
  • Because you want to get rid of your big belly.
  • Because you want to be a good example to your children.
  • Because you don’t want to yo-yo anymore.
  • Because we help you to recognise and improve your weaknesses.
  • Because you want expert advice on healthy eating.
  • Because you want help to make that ‘switch’ to healthy food.

How would you like it if you were this summer:

Would be confident in your bikini on the beach?

You wouldn’t worry about what other people would think of you?

Coming out of your familiar comfort zone and doing something new?

You would have more energy and some excess kilos less?

Cleans your body, optimally feeds it with pure nutrition and gives it peace and quiet?

Give your children healthy, tasty and responsible snacks to the pool?

Will you be able to make yourself powerful and confident, mentally and physically, this summer? We would like to help you with this! Our experience with previous participants is that making the ‘switch’ seems more difficult than it is….

Are you ready for the start? GO!!!!!!!!

Elmer A. Atkinson

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